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My name is Dan Hancock and I’m a bilingual musician, artist and chef… or at least I’m aspiring to be each of these things, and more as soon as I get the time. Mostly I’m a dad, but like most other dads, I’ve invested real hard-earned money into kicking off each of these self-fulfilling initiatives and I’m just in the process of following up with further investments of time and effort… However, like most other dads I speak to, these are in short supply and will likely remain that way for a fairly long time. So after grumbling about these tough market conditions the resounding consensus was to invest further financially to kick-off several more lifetime ambitions, in this case; the Gym, carpentry and scuba diving. Because of this sage advice I can now site here, with my membership, power tools and wet suit, secure in the knowledge that I’ll be achieving my life’s ambitions as soon as my kids give me back my time and I can be arsed.
66% of my waking time I’m an IT Consultant for a Microsoft Partner, it’s quite a big part of my life I suppose, but I’ve found if I start with that, people tend to glaze over, so I’ve left it until the end.


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